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  • Soma Labs designs and manufactures innovative extraction and processing equipment to produce quality extracts and the products made from them. With over 100 years of combined cannabis industry expertise and experience in engineering, manufacturing, automation technology and chemistry, Soma Labs equipment is crafted with emerging industry needs in mind. Based in beautiful British Columbia, known by many as the “pot capital” of the world, Soma is a proudly Canadian company at the forefront of cannabis science.

    At Soma Labs, science, research & technology take centre stage. Our team of in-house chemists work at the frontier of extract science where they engage in ongoing research and development for extract testing, formulation, and product development. We also keep a close eye on technological developments and emerging best practices from related industries. Our close working relationships with clients and feedback from customers contributes to ongoing improvement in all Soma Labs processes and equipment. All equipment and processes are used in our own research laboratories and facilities for continual process improvement and essential R&D feedback.

    Experience in cannabis science and related technologies gives Soma a leading edge as a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of extraction and processing equipment for the cannabis industry. Soma’s equipment, research and scientific services are vertically integrated with Greenmantle Products as part of Quadron’s organizational structure. Soma plays an instrumental role in developing processes from extraction to end-product packaging.