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Soma Labs Scientific is a proud distributor of ONA…

ONA is a powerful scientifically advanced blend of 32 essential oils that are formulated to permanently eliminate even the nastiest odors, naturally. It is not a masking agent. ONA is non-toxic and safe to use around people, pets, and plants.


    Perfect for small areas such as closets, cupboards, storage areas, vehicles, gym/sports bags or bathrooms. Simply remove the lid and let ONA go to work.

  • ONA Mist & Dispenser

    Neutralize odors in your office, home, garage, bathroom or storage areas. Use with ONA Mist Dispenser for timed and measured odor control. Settings include day/night/24hr and 7.5/15/30 minute intervals.

  • ONA Spray

    Use anywhere unwanted odors are present. Simply spray into the air as needed. Ideal for eliminating smoke, pet and garbage odors.

  • ONA Gel

    Our most versatile odor neutralizer provides sustained odor control in any situation. For larger areas, use with an ONA fan such as the Breeze, Cyclone, Storm, Odor Stop or Carbon-Air.

Odor Elimination System (OES)

OES Features

  • Automatic programmable odor control.

  • Uses ONA – industrial strength natural essential oil based odor neutralizers that are non-toxic and safe to use.

  • Maximizes odor control and minimizes costs.

  • Display panel for quick and easy programming.

  • Monitors VOC levels.

  • Automatically adjusts ONA liquid dosing levels.

  • Adjustable metering controls for precise chemical usage (1mm – 167mm per minute).

  • Timer – program to use only when needed.

  • Internet connectivity for email alerts and system monitoring.

  • 110v A/C Powered.

  • ETL Certification – compliant to North American (CSA) Standards.