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  • Soma Labs’ research activities span across multiple disciplines and topics including: engineering, process automation, manufacturing, development of standards and IP relating to extraction, processing and refinement, advanced cannabis chemistry, product development, analytical testing and best practices to name a few.

    Soma envisions a future where industry participants, academic researchers and government work collaboratively to ensure that recreational consumers and medical patients alike have access to tested, safe, quality cannabis products.

    In order to advance research and deliver quality tested products and services for the cannabis industry, Soma Labs has established research partnerships with scientists and leaders in academia, and government funding agencies across Canada.

  • Our in-house team of chemists work at the frontier of extract science,engaging in ongoing research and development for extract testing, formulation, and product development. All equipment and processes are used in our own research laboratories and facilities for continual process improvement and Research and Development feedback.

    Experience in cannabis science and related technologies gives Soma Labs a leading edge as a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of innovative extraction and processing equipment